Backup Generators for Centreville, VA Homes

When a company or family needs a backup generator in Centreville, VA, the electrical contractor they call is PSI. The company has been helping local businesses and homeowners for over 35 years. They handle installation and repairs for homes and businesses.

The backup generator models in Centreville, VA, that PSI intalls are made by Generac. The brand has a highly respected reputation for dependability and power. Generac mades units that are suitable for homes, retail shops, office buildings and factories.

Why Install a Backup Generator?
A backup generator in Centreville, VA, increases safety for homes and businesses by keeping security systems working. With one installed, the lights stay on throughout the outage. It keeps employees and family members comfortable because the air conditioning and the heating units stay on.

It doesn’t matter the outage is caused by a storm, by a tree falling on a wire or by problems with the grid equipment. A generator delivers reliable power throughout the length of the problem.

A backup generator made by Generac comes on automatically. The owner doesn’t have to be there so there us never a delay getting power. The unit sends power directly to the electrical panel, so there is no need for power cords all through the home or office. The generator is powered by natural gas or propane from the building’s own supply, so there is no need to fill it from messy gas tanks.

Why Choose Generac?
Generac has been making backup generators since 1959. They pioneered the entire field of residential generators and make the first workable motor. It is the brand preferred by homeowners who install a standby power system, at the rate of 7 out of 10.

Generac is known for the power and durability of its units. It makes models that are suitable for homes, offices and factories. Whatever the need, a Generac generator can handle it.

PSI, the Generator Professionals
The team at PSI has a reputation for quality workmanship on every job they handle, both big and small. Residents and business people respect their attention to detail and concern for the needs of each customer. PSI offers competitive pricing and guarantees its work.

PSI is a family-owned electrical contractor that takes pride in using only superior materials and products like the Generac backup generator in Centreville, VA.

PSI is a full service electrical business, handling commercial and residential jobs, including:

  • Generator installation and repair
  • Wiring for new construction
  • Wiring for septic and well water systems
  • Wiring for data and low voltage
  • Security systems that include lighting, DVR and cameras
  • Tenant build-outs

For a free, no-obligation quote for a backup generator in Centreville, VA, call the experts at Power and Systems Integration today.

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