Best Home Generator for McLean, VA Homeowners

How Do I Choose the Best Home Generator?
Selecting the best home generator in McLean, VA is a major decision. These units aren’t cheap. But according to most local homeowners who have installed them, they are totally worth the cost. It makes sense to spend time doing your research so you’ll get a model that handles your power needs and is right for your home, budget, and lifestyle.

The experts here at Power and Systems Integration have been selling, installing, maintaining and repairing standby generators for many years. We see them in action, right in our customer’s homes. This gives us a practical perspective, based on actual use and not just manufacturer’s PR.

Here are 5 tips, direct from generator professionals, to help you choose the best home generator in McLean, VA.

1. What You Want It To Do?

To get the right type of generator for your home, you need to be clear about what you want it to do. Are you looking for a model that will power up all of your appliances and devices throughout the entire house during a power outage? Or do you want one that handles just lights, heating and cooling and a few devices? The more area you want the generator to cover, and the greater the number of appliances and devices, the bigger the generator your home will require.

The biggest power usage comes from heating and air conditioning. Close behind are freezers and refrigerators. Do you want your generator to be fully automatic? Do you want it to operate off your home’s fuel supply?

It can be confusing deciding on the features you want. It is a good idea to get input from a generator professional, like one of the teams at PSI. We offer a free, in-home assessment to help you determine what you want to accomplish with your new generator.

2. How Much Do You Want To Spend?

Determine your budget and stick to it. That’s true of every type of home improvement. There are generators available in a range of price points.

One thing to keep in mind is that a whole house standby unit can actually add to the value of your property. When it’s time to sell, buyers will be attracted by the fact that the generator is already installed, ready for use.

It is helpful to talk to a professional with years of experience in home generators. She can listen to your needs and help you figure out what is smart to pay given your situation. She also knows the generator field well and is familiar with what is available. You will get expert advice to help you make a decision.

You can call Power and Systems Integration to set up a free, in-home assessment for a generator. Our team has the hands-on knowledge to answer all your questions and help you make an informed decision.

3. What Type of Fuel?

You probably have some experience with portable generators. They served homeowners well for many decades. But they had one major sticking point. Keeping them operating meant refueling the generator with a gas can. It was messy, time-consuming and laborious.

Nowadays, the best home generator in McLean, VA hooks up directly to your home’s fuel supply. Whether you have natural gas or LP, the right generator will stay on, delivering a continuous flow of power throughout the storm. You never have to worry about gas cans and filling the generator to keep it operating. The process is automatic, safe, and dependable.

The newest generators have come a long way from the days of portable models. You can schedule a free, in-home assessment to learn the benefits of these new type of home generators. Call Power and Systems Integration to set one up. There is no obligation.

4. What Size?

The right size is based on what you want your generator to accomplish. It depends on the size and layout of your home, as well as the load requirements of your appliances and electronic devices. Another factor is how much equipment you want to keep running during an outage. If you want to weather the storm with everything up and running, you’ll need a larger more powerful unit. If your requirements are less involved, just the basics, a smaller unit will work for you.

So many things affect the size, it can get very confusing and complicated. It makes sense to rely on an expert to help you figure out how big you need the unit to be. You can do this easily by scheduling a free, in-home assessment with the team of experts at PSI.

5. How Automatic Do You Need It?

When everyone used portable generators, they knew it required a fair amount of work and continual attention to keep the equipment providing power. That’s changed so much in the last 2 decades.

The best home generator in McLean, VA will now turn on automatically. You can be asleep, at work, or even across the country. It doesn’t matter. The generator immediately activates as soon as the power goes off.

Just think, no more freezers defrosting, ruining expensive food. Your refrigerator will maintain a safe temperature. When you’re hungry, cook a meal. Your security system will function throughout the power outage, keeping you and your family safe.

The temperature will be comfortable because you have heat or air conditioning. You can read and stay productive because the lights stay on. Watch television, using your iPad, listen to music, play games, and use your computer.

You can find out more about the many advantages and features of modern generators by setting up a free, in-home assessment with the pros at PSI.

Generac, the #1 Selling Brand
The team here at PSI strongly recommends the Generac brand. It is the #1 selling home generator in the country, and for a good reason. It has earned a reputation over the last 50+ years for reliability, safety, ease of use, durability, and innovation. The homeowners we work with love their Generacs. That’s a powerful reason to buy one.

Our installation and repair team sees generators actually in use. That informs our perspective about the best home generator in McLean, VA. We know how durable and reliable these units are. They have a wide range of features, and operation is simple because it is basically automatic.

Generac created the entire market of home standby generators. Since 1959, they have been leading the field. They developed the first engine that could handle the rigorous needs of an effective home generator and designed the first affordable home generator.

Just look at the benefits their models offer:

  • They come in a range of prices.
  • They are available in several sizes.
  • The Guardian Series have Mobile Link, which lets you check the status and maintenance needs of your unit from your smartphone.
  • It turns on automatically, whether you’re around or not.
  • You don’t have to use a gas can to keep it powered.
  • It connects directly to your home’s electrical panel.
  • It delivers power in a safe, routine manner to all your appliances.
  • You don’t have to run extension cords throughout the house to deliver the power.
  • Units use LP or natural gas, whatever you have available.
  • You can operate all your appliances or just the basics, whatever you decide.

PSI, the Generator Professionals
The crew here at Power and Systems Integration is proud of our reputation for honesty and transparency in all our dealings. That’s why we recommend the free, in-home assessment so strongly. This is your chance to ask questions from an experienced professional. Whatever your concerns, he will listen and give you the information you need to make an informed decision. We know the best home generator in McLean, VA is a major investment. We want you to be very sure this is what you want and need.

Once you make the decision to buy a generator, we’ll do the rest. We handle it all, sales, installation, maintenance and repair. Our customers love the fact that we offer 24/7 emergency repair on generators. When the power goes out, you’re still covered when you choose PSI.

Call Power and Systems Integration today to find out more about the best home generator in McLean, VA.

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