Burke VA Backup Generator Maintenance

Backup generators are only used during power outages, yet they need routine maintenance for proper functioning. Unfortunately, many backup generator owners neglect their maintenance due to several reasons. But this can cause several issues leading to generator failure in times of need.

Even if your backup generator looks fine, it still needs maintenance, as experts can only detect specific problems. Below are some common issues why you require Burke, VA, Backup Generator Maintenance.

• Dry engine belts: Backup generators have engine belts that keep the motor running. If the belt has aged, it might become dry and start to crack. This might also happen if there isn’t enough lubrication for the belt. Depending on the condition of the belt, it might even require replacement.

• Battery: The only power source for backup generators to start is their batteries. If the batteries are discharged, then your generator won’t start. Even if you rarely use the backup generator, the batteries can be drained due to infrequent usage and require replacement.

• Insufficient coolant and lubricant: Coolant helps absorb the heat and keeps the backup generator cool as it runs. If coolant levels are low, the engine may overheat and malfunction. Similarly, lubricant is required to keep the friction at bay and let the parts run smoothly. With low lubricant levels, the parts will wear off quickly and reduce the life expectancy of the generator. It is better to look for Burke, VA, Backup Generator Maintenance, as experts can detect coolant and lubricant levels and refill them if necessary.

• Physical Damage: The internal parts of the backup generator can get physically damaged, which prevents the engine from functioning correctly. Wires, pistons, and spark plugs are some of the common parts that need frequent replacement. In addition, burnt cables may pose a severe risk to other parts as they can lead to short circuits and sparks.

• Temperature and Weather: Both natural aspects play a crucial role in determining how well the backup generator functions. Low temperatures, followed by warm weather, can cause moisture to build in if the generator isn’t frequently used. The moisture may get trapped in small parts of the backup generator. This can promote mold growth and also cause the parts to rust. The water can also interfere with the fuel mix, reducing the overall efficiency of the backup generator.

While these are some common issues, many other problems cause a backup generator to malfunction. These problems are best detected by technicians skilled in repairing backup generators. If you are looking for reliable people for Burke, VA, Backup Generator Maintenance, please fill out the contact form on our website. We will contact you soon through one of our expert representatives using the information you provided us.

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