Fairfax Station VA Backup Generator Maintenance

It is common for unexpected power outages to occur during bad weather. During such times, a backup generator is the best equipment to ensure zero interruptions in your work. However, even though most people understand the importance of owning backup generators, they often fall back on their maintenance.

One of the common reasons people overlook backup generator maintenance is that they aren’t used daily. However, this makes it even more necessary for you to check them regularly. Many generator issues, such as rusting and mold growth, occur because they aren’t checked or used frequently. Below are more reasons why you should opt for timely Fairfax Station, VA, Backup Generator Maintenance.

Backup generator maintenance improves the lifespan of the backup generator. Technicians check the generator externally and internally while doing regular maintenance. This helps them look for parts that are wearing out or need a replacement. In other words, they check different generator components such as spark plugs, oil and air filters, belts, batteries, and the cooling system and make sure these are optimally functioning so that the generator performs without any issues when required.

A proper maintenance schedule of a backup generator also helps to prevent the production of carbon monoxide. If the engine of the backup generator is left unchecked for too long, it might produce carbon monoxide and other toxic gasses, which may have harmful effects on inhalation. Contacting a Fairfax Station, VA, Backup Generator Maintenance expert ensures that the engine is properly placed and the fumes are directed outdoors.

In addition, proper maintenance of a backup generator also prevents weather and pest-related damage. Remember that pests and temperature can cause unexpected damage to the internal parts. Small insects such as wasps or ants can build nests within the generator, causing it to malfunction. Rodents might chew on the wires, causing them to malfunction.

Even weather changes such as cold temperatures can cause moisture to be trapped in the backup generator leading to rust and mold. Such damages caused, if any, should be found at the earliest, so you don’t experience problems at the last minute.

Also, remember that backup generator fuel needs to be replaced every six months. This is because the fuel undergoes chemical changes, which alters its composition. Such fuel isn’t efficient and can lead to other problems within the engine. With regular maintenance, the technician will inspect and change the fuel for better efficiency.

Hiring an expert for backup generator maintenance ensures that your generator won’t cause last-minute problems and gives optimal performance. Need a professional for Fairfax Station, VA, Backup Generator Maintenance? Please send us your contact details through the form on our official website, and one of our experts will reach out to you shortly.

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