Home Automation: What It Is & How To Save Money With It In Fairfax, VA

Smart home automation permits homeowners to tap into high-tech functionalities and luxury that were not possible in the past. But a zillions of questions may come to your mind. For instance, you could be thinking, home automation: What it is & how to save money with it in Fairfax, VA? As industry leaders in home automation, we are going to answer your query and explain it in this article.

Home Automation: What It Is & How To Save Money With It In Fairfax, VA
The answer is yes, it can. Any advanced home automation system can contribute to reducing your home’s energy consumption. Apart from this, lights and ceiling fans can also be adequately programmed. The “all-off” command can enhance savings on electricity and you are likely to end up paying less for electricity bills every month.

If you are wondering, how here’s how a home automation system works:

For instance, when a person leaves a room without switching off the lights, the motion sensors check the room for occupancy before switching those off. Besides, lighting can be programmed to dim with the setting sun to create a pleasurable atmosphere in the evening.

A home automation system permits the homeowner to schedule temperature changes to meet energy needs. When you are about to leave the house, the heating system and the air conditioner are switched off, resulting in guaranteed energy savings.
The rooms can get hot when they received direct sun rays through the window. Automated blinds can be customized to shut at prescribed times, keeping the home optimally cool.

Does it happen that you leave electrical appliances on by mistake when leaving the house? Has it ever happened to you that you realized the same when you were on vacation or a mini trip? Did you then consider a smart home automation system that could help you by going around the house and switching off electrical gadgets that were left switched on?

Many appliances may end up draining a large amount of electricity even when they have been switched off. Some of these appliances are used daily like a hairdryer, toaster, and microwave. The energy that’s lost by plugged-in yet switched-off gadgets may account for approximately 10% of the electricity bill. Your home automation system can disable the frequently used appliances on “standby” settings, saving you money on monthly energy bills.

As you have a fair idea of the host of benefits a home automation system can usher in, you may also be interested to see a demo of a home automation system installed at your home. If you want to learn more about home automation systems, please connect with us by filling up the contact form on our official website. We will get in touch with you and guide you through how to make your existing home smarter.

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