Home Control Systems Vs Home Automation Systems In McLean, VA

You often hear the terms “smart home control systems” and “smart home automation systems.” Are they the same? The answer is no. They are different ways to achieve a desired result.

With a smart home control system at your home in McLean, VA you can manage certain aspects of your home such as window shades and light fixtures via your tablet, Smartphone, hand-held remote or a voice control device such as Alexa.

You no longer have to walk into every room to turn off the lights or lower the shades. All you need do is open up an app on your Smartphone and close or turn them off instantly. As you are leaving home for the day, you can use a voice command to turn off all the lights, lower the shades and adjust your thermostat.

Smart home automation for homes in McLean, VA requires no manual actions. With smart sensors, when someone enters a room the lights will come on and when they leave, they will turn off, window shades on sensors will automatically lower the shades on hot days so as not to overheat your home and turn on light fixtures to brighten your home to keep it well lit.

Home automation is usually an upgrade to home control systems. Although it is nice to have home automation to automatically turn things on and off at your home in McLean, VA, you also want a home control system so that you can manually adjust devices with your Smartphone or other devices no matter where you are at.

As long as you have internet service, a home control system for your McLean, VA home will allow you to control devices from anywhere in the world. If you forgot to lock your door, you can control it remotely and lock it on your way to work.

Don’t want to come home to a dark house? You can remotely turn on your outside and inside lights so that you are not walking around in the dark once you arrive home in McLean, VA. You can save energy by turning back your heating or cooling when leaving for the day and then turn it up before returning home so you come home to a comfortable temperature.

Call the team at PSI, Inc. and they can advise you and install your home control system and home automation systems for your home in McLean, VA.

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