Home Generator Repair for Centreville, VA Homes

It is incredible how quickly a simple loss of power can take you back to how your grandparents or great-grandparents lived. Once the electricity goes out, every convenience of modern society disappears except for indoor plumbing. No lights once the sun sets, no heating or air conditioning, and no refrigeration to preserve food. No cooking either unless you have a gas range or an outdoor grill. If your home operates on a septic tank, then the risk of a backup in your home increases since there is no warning alarm to provide an overflow alert.

If you suffered through an outage last year, then you may have purchased a standby generator for your home in case of another power outage. Most homes do not need to restore power to every light, appliance, and device, so even a basic generator can support basic operations to keep your family safe and comfortable until the area power grid comes back online. It can also power needed medical equipment going until electricity is restored.

That is until it breaks down from lack of attention. So if you have already purchased a home generator, is repair and inspection part of your Centreville, VA maintenance schedule? If you do not know or do not remember the last time a technician visited your residence, then it may be time to call us here at PSI, Inc.

Without a solid maintenance and repair plan, failure isn’t just likely to happen; it will happen. Experience with customers who call us often does so when the lights are already out, and their generator did not kick in as it is supposed to when the power fails. Fortunately, we offer 24/7 support.

Once the power goes out, food spoils rapidly. Milk and eggs go bad within a few hours, as do many types of fruits and vegetables once they are cut and prepared. Meat usually lasts longer, and pre-cooked items like hot dogs longer than that. Frozen foods can survive a day or two but still, need preparation.

This is not the time to realize your Centreville, VA home generator needs repair. More dangerous is when a family member requires medication, like certain types of insulin or an oxygen generator for someone who has COPD or emphysema. Special needs are not the only health risk of course. For small children and older people, the lack of air conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter can put them in crisis. Every year, there is at least one person who expires due to the weather.

Purchasing a home generator is the first step to keeping your Centreville, VA home secure in a power outage. Repair and maintenance of it ensure that you and your home are ready when the lights go out. For information on the best generators and maintenance plans available, call PSI, Inc. today at (703) 498-9829.

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