How Does an Automatic Home Standby Generator Work?

Are you confused about the difference between a portable generator, a home standby generator, and a whole house generator?

Portable generators, home standby generators, and whole-house generators carry out the same functions. They also measure close when it comes to cost and convenience. However, there are still some differences between portable and standby generators.

Whole-home generators, also known as standby generators, are stationary fixtures. They’re connected to your home or business’s electrical system as well as a fuel source, such as natural gas lines or propane tanks.

Typically, portable generators are smaller in size and weight than whole house generators. Since they are mobile, you can carry them to any location where power is required.

What’s the Difference between a Portable Generator, Home Standby Generator, and Whole House Generator?

• Portable Generators

Portable generators mostly run on gasoline. They can burn around 12 to 20 gallons per day. However, the amount depends on the generator’s output and the load that it’s powering.

Manufacturers can also make portable generators that may run on natural gas and liquid propane. However, following a storm, it might be pretty challenging to find portable cylinders of natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel fuel.

However, the portable generators tend to be noisier and can generate less power than the standby models. You need to also wheel them out of their storage and connect them to your home’s circuit breaker panel.

In case of a power outage, you need to fire up the generator manually. When using one during stormy weather, for example, during a rainstorm, you’ll have to use specific covers to protect the generator from the weather elements.

• Home Standby Generators

Home standby generators or whole house generators are also known as stationary generators. They are the opposite of portable generators. Experts like PSI professionals usually install them.

The best thing about home standby generators is that; they always kick in automatically when the electricity goes off and immediately powers everything in your home. You don’t have to manually put on anything to get functionality out of them.

The heating, lighting, cooling, and refrigeration can continue to run automatically as they should. That’s why even when away from home, you cannot worry about things like your food storage going bad.

Immediately the power is back; the automatic switch will shut down the generator. Your appliances can stay safe because your system will never overload.

You can also eliminate back feeding, which can put the utility workers at risk when working on the power lines. Since they operate on propane or natural gas, they can run for weeks on a filled whole-house propane tank.

Therefore, if you connect your standby generator to the fuel line, you can enjoy convenience without having to refuel it when it runs low. It removes the inconvenience of continually checking to see that you have enough fuel. Imagine a heavy snowstorm, and the generator runs out of power. The hassle of going outside to fuel the generator can be a source of frustration to anyone.

Why You Need the Services of Experts

We always recommend that you contact a professional company for the installation of the generator type you choose. You can get excellent advice on the best kind. It also helps to know that the generator you are buying is of good quality. This will ensure that you get long-term usage out of it.

We can always tell our clients that; if you live within regions with recurrent or lengthy blackouts, then a home standby generator becomes more convenient. Again, to realize the value of this equipment, you should decide on the right generator size.

The size of your house is one measure for selecting a standby generator. A more reasonable approach is to obtain a standby generator that is sized to power your home’s most critical electrical circuits- like those connected to the lights, heating system, kitchen appliances, security system, well pump, and garage door opener.

The complexity of your home’s electrical system is also a key determinant, mainly if it contains the house’s central air conditioning. Therefore, sizing generators is not a simple aspect; it’s somewhat more complex. That’s why an experienced technician is necessary to assess and determine your home’s expected electrical loads to recommend the right sized backup generator.

PSI is the Right Company for Your Generator Needs

Generac Power Systems is a top American manufacturer of backup power generator sellers for residential, commercial, and industrial markets. PSI is an authorized Generac dealer that provides professional sales, service, and backup power generators for homes and businesses.

We are a Generac Power Pro Dealer that offers you the opportunity to benefit from excellent generator pricing and services, which are not matched by the most competition. PSI takes pride in being a select Generac dealer, providing installation and other related services for the leading standby generator in the market.

We value our customers and always desire to meet each client’s particular needs and interests. That’s why we aim at providing you with high-quality electrical services customized for your individual needs. With our services, you’ll always choose the best generator as a perfect investment for your home.

The skilled and licensed team at PSI offers a free, on-site energy assessment and client evaluation to determine and meet your power requirements, whatsoever they may be. We’ve been in the field for 35 years now; hence, you can always trust our expertise.

Contact us through our website, and we will get back to you for further consultation.

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