How Many Kilowatts (KW) Do I Need for My Chantilly, VA Commercial Backup Generator?

Perhaps you might think that in the initial years, it’s not necessary acquiring a backup generator if you are thinking of starting a new business in Chantilly, Virginia. However, in such a case, you should be aware that the consequences of a power loss may be much worse than you could ever think. For example, your high-tech equipment will stop working if you don’t have a commercial backup generator. Similarly, when the lighting system is disrupted significantly due to a power outage, you may face security issues.

However, if your firm has a backup generator, it may continue to provide most services until the power is restored. This means you will be at ease even if you’re far away from your office. You may also design your backup generator depending on the number of equipment or the size of the company facility you’ll need to power during an emergency. This guarantees that you get the most out of your backup generator.

Our customers often ask questions such as, “How Many Kilowatts (KW) Do I Need for My Chantilly, VA Commercial Backup Generator?”. Here is the answer.

How Many Kilowatts (KW) Do I Need for My Chantilly, VA Commercial Backup Generator?

Here are two popular methods to find this.

Analyzing Usage History to Determine Full Load Capacity

Look at your utility company’s billing system to find out how much electricity you’re using. The majority of companies will bill you for your peak demand every month. To get at the final figure, add 25% to this figure for reserve capacity.

Generator sizing according to the square footage

The square footage size method is most often used in retail contexts, such as grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, and other commercial facilities. Use the calculations below to calculate the generator size.

  • For retail, add 50 Kilowatts plus 10 W for each additional square foot.
  • For commercial applications: 50 Kilowatts plus 5 W for each additional square foot.

The Benefits of a Commercial Backup Generator

For the sake of security

Every company needs a steady supply of electricity. Unfortunately, your business property may become more exposed to burglars during power outages. As a result, having a backup generator guarantees that your lights and security systems continue to function properly, protecting your property from robbery.

To Keep Your Electronic Data Safe

Losing critical data might cost you more time and money than you can think. An unexpected power failure without backup might endanger your company’s electronic data. You risk losing all data on hard drives if PCs shut down by accident. This might be particularly true if the machine is executing complicated apps. Many more hours of effort may be required to redo what was lost in such circumstances. It might also disrupt the typical flow of your company’s activities. This can be avoided if you have backup generator to safeguard your business.

To Increase Your Company’s Productivity

Workers will experience downtime if there is a prolonged power outage. As a result, once power is restored, they may have many jobs to do. In other words, increased downtime often equates to lower productivity.
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