How Many Kilowatts (KW) Do I Need for My McLean, VA Commercial Backup Generator?

If you’re thinking about beginning a new company in McLean, Virginia, you may assume that a backup generator isn’t required in the early years. However, the truth is that the implications of a power outage might be much worse than you could have ever imagined in this situation. For example, if you don’t have a commercial backup generator, your high-tech equipment will cease operating. It’s also possible that you’ll have security difficulties if a power loss drastically disrupts your lighting system.

The majority of your company’s services may still be provided until the power is restored if you have a backup generator. It’s possible to construct your backup generator based on the amount of equipment or size of the corporate facility you’ll need to power in an emergency. Your backup generator will get the most out of this method.

When it comes to their McLean, VA commercial backup generator, many of our clients wonder, “How Many Kilowatts (KW) Do I Need for My McLean, VA Commercial Backup Generator?” How do you know? This is exactly what we discuss in the next section.

How Many Kilowatts (KW) Do I Need for My McLean, VA Commercial Backup Generator?

Here is a simple method to find this.

Determine Full Load Capacity by Analyzing the Usage History

Find out how much power you’re consuming by looking at your utility company’s billing system. Most businesses will be charged for their peak demand every month. Add 25 percent to this peak energy consumption figure to arrive at the final figure.

Primary Benefits of a Backup Generator

  1. For reasons of safety
    During a power outage, your commercial property may be more vulnerable to robbers. Your lighting and security systems are protected against theft by installing a backup generator in case of a power outage.
  2. To Protect Your Electronic Data.
    The time and money you lose due to losing important data may be more than you anticipate during a power outage. Your company’s electronic data might be at risk if you don’t have a backup plan in place for a power outage. If PCs are accidentally shut down, you risk losing all data on the hard drives. This may be especially relevant if the system is running more complex software. Making up for what was lost might take a lot more time and work. It may also disturb the normal flow of your company’s operations. Having a backup generator in place may prevent this from happening to your company.
  3. To boost your company’s productivity During a protracted power outage, employees will be unable to do their daily tasks. Consequently, they may have a lot of work to perform when the power is restored. This indirectly implies that Increased downtime frequently means reduced production, which decreases your business revenue.

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