Kohler Backup Generator for McLean, VA Homeowners

In McLean, VA, a Kohler backup generator can mean the difference between comfort, safety, and productivity during a storm, or a night in the dark. The Kohler brand is known for dependability. The generators, which are available for homes and businesses, come in a range of sizes to fit small, medium and major power needs.

Power and Systems Integration is proud to sell Kohler because of its reputation for quality. The electricians at PSI are fully trained when it comes to installation, maintenance, and repair of these appliances.

In McLean, VA, a Kohler backup generator can ensure the financial well being of a business. Major storms are becoming more and more common. Each time high winds and rain knock out power, it results in businesses that are unable to get jobs out of the door. And that means they don’t get paid. It can also result in flooded buildings and burst pipes, all expensive costs for a company.

With a generator installed, specific systems at the company always have access to a quick supply of power. These generators turn on automatically, even if no one is present. Workers can run machinery, work with their computers and run office equipment without a problem when a generator is supplying the power.

It also means that security systems are always on. This is a big concern for businesses, whatever their size. If cameras and alarms aren’t functioning, anyone can get in. But if the power is always on, the security system can always do its job, even during a major storm.

The Kohler backup generator in McLean, VA, is able to handle hardwired systems, including sump pumps and air conditioning, as well as office and factory equipment. It can even power refrigerators and freezers. It delivers high-quality power that never harms expensive electronics like computers and other digital machinery. A big benefit of the design is the fact that it runs on the company’s liquid propane or natural gas supply. There is never a need to worry about the messy job of refueling the generator.

Power and Systems Integration sells, installs, maintains and repairs these generators for homes and businesses. With its reputation for customer service and superior products, local businesses and homeowners trust PSI when it comes to all things electric. The trained staff can explain the benefits of different Kohler models and help you decide which size is best for your needs.

Power and Systems Integration handles a wide range of electrical services, both commercial and residential, including:

  • Kohler generators
  • Wiring for new construction and tenant build outs
  • Data and low voltage wiring
  • Security systems and lighting
  • Wiring and installation of switchgear
  • Appliance installation

For a free, no-obligation quote for a Kohler backup generator in McLean, VA, call the pros at Power and Systems Integration today.

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