Kohler Generator Installation for McLean, VA Homes

The one thing you cannot predict is when you may experience a power outage at your property at McLean, VA. What you know with certainty is that power outages occur at the most inopportune moments.

You may be getting ready to work on that brief whose deadline is looming. You could be in the process of baking a cake for your kids. You may even be settling down to watch a movie.

Without warning, the power goes off, and you have no idea when it will come back on.

Electrical companies may also not be able to tell you when they can resolve the problem. Some outages may last a short time, while others can go on for days.

If you have food in your fridge or freezer, you may end up having to throw it all away.

During winter, power outages can be very inconveniencing because you will not manage to keep your house warm. Even during summertime, you cannot enjoy the benefits of your air conditioning system. Power and Systems Integration has the perfect solution for you. Say goodbye to power outages with the installation of a Kohler Generator on your property.

What you Need to Know About Kohler Generators
Kohler Generators are very popular because of their durability and optimal performance. When you come in for a consultation at PSI, this is one of the brands we will recommend to you.

We partner with suppliers of high-quality products and services, and would not stake our reputation on a brand we are not sure of.

You get a warranty and assurance of after-sales services for the maintenance of your generator. Within seconds following an outage, the standby generator will kick in. You will be able to power your electrical appliances, much like you would if you were using the normal electricity sources.

Why Do you Need a Kohler Generator?
Anyone who has had to live through the inconvenience of a power failure knows it is not something you want to experience at any time. You lose much time, especially if you use electricity for work. You may also need to shop again because you may have to throw out the food in your freezer.

You will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the home automation system, especially for those that you have connected to the power outlets. Installation of a standby generator in your McLean, VA property is, therefore, a wise investment. You continue to enjoy your appliances and do not have to worry about work deadlines due to power outages.

The generator kicks in almost immediately, so you may not even realize there is an outage.

What Goes Into the Process of Installing a Generator in McLean, VA?
The process of installing a generator is one that requires professional handling. That is why you need to consult Power and Systems Integration if you are in McLean, VA. We have relevant skills and licensing to undertake such work.

Our technicians have full training and understand the ins and outs of generator installation and maintenance.

The generator is a permanent fixture, and the installation process can take up to two or three days. We encourage you to visit our offices so that our technicians can answer any question you may have beforehand. Once you have a good understanding of what the process entails, we can survey your property.

The survey is critical because it will determine where we place the generator. You must also take into consideration the local ordinances and codes that govern the installation of such fixtures.

Due to the number of years we have been operating, we have the relevant networks to ensure that the process goes smoothly and efficiently. We will request that you give us a rundown of all the appliances that you wish to continue operating in case there is a power outage. For most of our clients, they normally request that appliances such as the fridge and basic lighting continue to operate.

However, each client has their needs, and that is why we will have to do a proper consultation to avoid disappointment in the future.

During the site visit, we will also have to determine the source of fuel for the generator. Since the generator runs on propane or natural gas, we’ll make sure you know your closest propane supply stores.

Once we take into consideration the above, our team will sit down and come up with an estimate for you. It is important that you get a clear picture of what the installation will cost you. Different generator sizes have different prices and installation costs. It is a decision that you need to make based on the information you will receive.

We encourage our clients to ask any questions, especially if there is doubt in any area.

Once you agree on the quotation, the actual installation of the generator will begin. We have to prepare the ground appropriately using gravel or concrete pads. The surface on which the generator rests should be stable and level.

Our team members will then place the generator, hook up the automatic transfer switch, and connect it to the fuel source. When your power goes out, the automatic transfer switch communicates to the generator to get it to kick into action.

The Kohler Generators take less than 10 seconds to start working when there is a power outage.

Why you Should Work with Professionals
It has become a trend for many people to take on DIY projects as a way of saving money. As a company, we applaud such efforts because we understand the importance of cost-cutting measures. We would, however, discourage anyone who does not have the necessary knowledge to undertake the process of a generator installation. This is why:-

  • Installing a generator requires specialized training and licensing. There is a particular skill-set you need to have so that you carry out the installation well. Companies like Power and Systems Integration invest in having the right resources to handle such tasks for clients.
  • You get the best advice on the type and size to buy without having to spend hours doing your research. The technicians will patiently describe the process for you step-by-step so that you go into the process with a full understanding.
  • The cost of a generator is something many would consider an investment. If you install it incorrectly, you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of having a backup generator.
  • Due to years of experience handling generator installations, the installers will handle the installation efficiently. Within a short time, you will have your generator up and running. You can then say goodbye to the inconvenience you experience during the power outages.
  • You may damage some of the parts and void your warranty. You may, therefore, incur additional expenses in making the necessary repairs.
  • Engaging the services of professionals in McLean, VA, gives you access to high-quality products due to the networks they have managed to build over the years.
  • You get to enjoy after-sales services for the maintenance of the generator. It will give you the peace of mind knowing that any time you have an issue, you can call the technicians at PSI.
  • The overall convenience of knowing that an expert is handling the installation process makes the purchase decision easier for you. You get to ask all the questions in advance, and can then make the decision on whether or not you need a generator.

If you have made the decision to install a generator at your property, give us a call. At PSI, we have the right knowledge and qualifications to recommend the best generators for you.

However, before making any recommendations, we conduct a site visit to determine your needs. We will then recommend the best size to buy and give you sufficient time to decide.

A constant power supply is important, and that is why we would recommend Kohler Generators to our clients based in McLean, VA. Forget about the inconvenience of power outages by giving us a call today.

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