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As a leading generator service provider near Oakton, VA, we have encountered many homeowners who neglect their Oakton, VA, emergency generator maintenance. This is because generators are not used frequently, and most homeowners get concerned about them only when there is an unexpected blackout. However, you need to be aware that if generator maintenance is regularly ignored, it may fail to perform in an emergency.

You can detect most generator-related issues by operating the equipment for half an hour and checking the transfer switch at least once a month. However, most businesses and homeowners don’t invest in such preventive measures. Due to this, the undetected issues worsen and might cause the generator to stop functioning during crucial times.

As a generator repair service, we find several issues while inspecting an Oakton, VA, emergency generator. Some common ones are:

  1. Inadequate Battery Power Supply

One of the common reasons for generators to stop working is a dead battery. This happens due to lead sulfate accumulation on the battery plates, causing the battery to fail.

  1. Low Coolant Levels

Coolants are important to maintain the generator’s temperature. This means if coolant levels are low, the equipment might overheat and suddenly cause the generator to stop functioning during emergencies.

  1. Leakage of fuel

Fuel leakage gives out a peculiar smell, which is the main cause of detection during regular maintenance. This may be caused due to the malfunctioning of the fuel pump or damage to the fuel line.

  1. Leakage of oil

Most often, the oil used in the generator might collect in the equipment’s exhaust pipe due to malfunctioning fuel injection tips or canker breathers. This can lead to oil leaks from the cracks causing wet patches around the generator.

  1. Misconfiguration of Controls

Also, note that generator controls need to be configured properly. Otherwise, it can lead to the breakdown of equipment. If the generator abruptly shuts down, it may be a sign that the generator controls are misconfigured.

  1. Back leakage of fuel

Sometimes, fuel may go back to the fuel tank instead of going to the engine. Air in the injection parts or damaged valves are the primary reasons for this situation. As sufficient fuel doesn’t reach the engine, it may behave as if it is out of fuel.

  1. Empty Fuel Tank

As generators are occasionally used, it is difficult to notice when the fuel levels are low. In some cases, this might also happen due to stuck fuel gauges leading to an empty tank.

Power and Systems Integration can help you ensure your generator performs during emergencies by keeping your Oakton, VA, emergency generator in excellent condition through timely maintenance services.

If you are looking for trustworthy, reliable, and affordable generator service people, please get in touch with us by visiting our website and filling out the contact form. A generator maintenance expert from our company will get in touch with you shortly.

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