Potomac Falls VA Backup Generator Maintenance

Backup generators are your saviors during unplanned power blackouts. This being the fact, what if your backup generator fails during such emergencies? Last-minute repair services can only do so much if your generator lacks proper maintenance. That’s why we always advise backup generator owners to be regular with their generator maintenance schedules.

Routine backup generator maintenance allows professionals to detect and fix problems beforehand, so they don’t grow into full-fledged issues during a blackout. It also allows them to find the best possible solution that saves effort and money. Remember that most backup generator issues can be prevented by detecting them early on.

As experts in Potomac Falls, VA, Backup Generator Maintenance, our services cover a wide range of inspections. Our experts do rigorous checks to cover the following requirements:

• The overall physical condition of the backup generator: The external and internal parts, such as the wires, belts, pulleys, hinges, and locks, are thoroughly checked for wear and tear. Any damaged or old parts are replaced to ensure they function well when required.
• Liquid Levels: The fuel, coolant, and lubricant levels are checked and filled as required. The experts may also empty the fuel tank and clean it thoroughly before refilling it to prevent the degradation and contamination of fuel.
• Airflow checks: The air filter and vents are cleaned and checked for blockages. Backup generators require air to ignite the fuel and run the engine. Dust particles may contaminate the fuel if the air filters are blocked. They may also prevent sufficient air from entering the engine, causing a delay in starting the backup generator. In such a case, it is best to call professionals for Potomac Falls, VA, Backup Generator Maintenance.
• Checking for overheating: Backup generators produce a lot of heat which is kept in check by the coolant. However, if the coolant system is improper, the heat may damage the generator and pose a danger to the surroundings. Our technicians check for coolant levels, the bearing, and the exciter to ensure there is no overheating.
• Leakage checks; If fuel or coolant leaks from the backup generator, it can be hazardous to the environment. A thorough check of the fuel tank and pipelines rules out any leakage issues. Old pipes of the generator also need to be replaced so that sudden leakage problems don’t arise.
• Operational check: After ensuring all the parts are working properly, our technicians will check the functioning of the generator by simulating a blackout. Once the backup generator has started, technicians check the output voltage to ensure the backup generator is working properly.

Regular backup generator maintenance is not just for fixing existing issues but also for preventing future issues. Need experts for Potomac Falls, VA, Backup Generator Maintenance? Reach out to us through the contact form on our website, and one of our representatives will talk to you shortly.

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