Take Back Your Power With A Generator Installation In Mclean, VA

To avoid severe weather from disrupting your electrical power to your McLean, VA home, homeowners are taking back their power back with a whole home generator installation. Generators are fueled by natural gas or propane fuel. With electricity routed into your home through an automatic transfer switch, within seconds of a power outage, your generator will start up and will then stop once the power has been restored at your McLean, VA home.

Once you have decided to take back your power with a home generator installation for your McLean, VA home, you will need to make a few decisions. An electrical contractor like Power and Systems Integration, LLC can help you with the selection of your generator unit, the installation, and maintenance for years to come.

First, you need to have a free in-home assessment where a professional will come to your home in McLean, VA and discuss with you all your options for a whole house generator installation. Before they arrive, you need to decide on precisely what is most important to you and your family during a power outage. No two homes or families are alike.

Each generator installation in McLean, VA is geared to fit each homeowner’s particular needs during an electrical failure. These professionals will help you pick the perfect size generator, the fuel source you will need and the best location for your generator and transfer switch.

Generator installations usually only take a day or two for homes in McLean, VA. An electrician will first install your transfer switch. Afterwards, a professional team will place your generator unit outside your home usually on a concrete slab much like your central air-conditioning and heating unit.

Once the unit is placed, the electrical lines are connected from the transfer switch to your generator. Your pipefitter will then connect your fuel source, natural gas or propane, to the generator. Once that is done, your generator installation is ready to embrace its first power outage.

By having a generator installation for your McLean, VA home, you are taking back your power to never be left in the dark and without the proper devices and appliances to protect your family during any power failure.

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