The Convenience Of A Backup Generator Installation In Potomac, MD

How have you dealt with power outages in the past at your home in Potomac, MD? Did you just tough it out and hope for the best? Maybe you had a good supply of candles, or a gas grill for cooking, plenty of stored up water . . . for just in case. Whether you were freezing or roasting or maintaining a comfortable temperature would depend on the temperature outside. More than a day or two of this gets old, and you might have had to resort to going to a hotel or a friend’s house. Hotels are expensive, and friendships can be quite costly, too, if things don’t go well.

Have you ever considered a backup generator installation for your Potomac, MD home to give your family the convenience of being well protected in the event of a major storm that knocks the power out for days or weeks at a time? With a backup generator installation at your home, you will no longer have to be unprepared during the next power outage in Potomac, MD.

How does a backup generator work at your home in Potomac, MD? It will run on either natural or propane gas. The backup generator installation of the unit itself will sit outside your house in Potomac, MD, much like your central air conditioning unit does, preferably on a concrete slab or a bed of pea gravels. Once the generator has been placed, the fuel line is then connected. Next, the transfer switch is installed next to the main breaker inside your home.

Your backup generator installation at your home in Potomac, MD is complete. The transfer switch senses where the power is coming and when to switch over to the power of the generator. Your backup generator installation technician will check to make sure everything is running and works properly and will instruct you to do a self-test weekly to make sure your generator continues to work correctly.

With your new backup generator installation, you can rest assured that during the next outage in Potomac, MD, you can fix yourself a hot cup of coffee, fix dinner for your family, take showers and flush the toilet, keep your food from spoiling and charge those cell phones.

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