Vienna, VA Automatic Backup Generator. Where Do I Start?

Before installing a generator, we highly recommend you do your homework and select the best available option for your home or small company. Start by determining the ideal size and configuration for your needs.

The following are the main steps in a Vienna, VA Generac Generator installation.

1 – Work with A Reputable Contractor.
The generator installation may be expedited by dividing the project into smaller tasks that can be handled by various professionals, such as electricians and plumbers. This may be the easiest way to install a generator if your dealer is swamped with orders ahead of hurricane season.

2 – Select a Favored Location
Ideally, the site of your generator should meet the following criteria:

  • In accordance with the code
  • One that makes it easier for maintenance.
  • In close proximity to a fuel supply and an electrical outlet.
  • Stay away from doors, vents, and water sources at all times
  • Avoiding utility equipment
  • Free of obstacles on all sides
  • The homeowner’s association or any other appropriate community restrictions should be followed.

It would be beneficial if you choose the position of your home’s transfer switch depending on the ease with which your generator can be reached and the wiring of your home.

The Vienna, VA Generac Generator installation checklist should involve locating your fuel source, which is almost certainly a tank or a standard delivery pipeline. The expenditures associated with this step will be reduced if your fuel source is closer to your generator.

3 – Have All Required Permits Available to You
You may need permission from your town, state, or perhaps even your homeowner’s insurance provider before moving forward with your plans. Your generator dealer can help you with this.

4 – Build a Concrete Pad
A concrete pad is required for the placement of your generator. This will hold it firmly in place and far above any water that may accumulate due to inclement weather or other natural disasters.

5 – Adding a Generator to Your System
A transfer switch connects the generator to the fuel supply and your home once it has been anchored to the concrete pad.
After connecting your generator, you should thoroughly clean the area around it and ensure it is protected from the elements.

6 – The Final Verification
The oil and fuel levels, as well as any new connections, should be checked by your installer. It’s time to get your generator up and running after that!

Power & Systems Integration is here to help!

Please call Power & Systems Integration if you have questions regarding a Vienna, VA Generac Generator installation. Please use the contact form on our website to get in touch with us. We guarantee that your generator will be installed by a member of our team at the earliest opportunity.

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