What Do I Need to Know about Whole Home Generator Maintenance after Installation?

You might be happy that finally, you’ve had the whole home generator installed in your house. But, now, the question that lingers in your mind could be: What do I need to know about whole-home generator maintenance after installation?

A whole-home generator can serve as a lifesaving mechanism, especially during extended moments of power outages in your house or home area. PSI’s experts will always tell you that: For your home generator to serve you best, you need to take good care of it by observing the essential regular maintenance offered by professionals.

This way, in case of a power outage, you won’t have to worry about your stored food in the fridge going bad. You can also worry less about a sick family member who could depend on a life support mechanism that may require a constant power supply.

What do I Need to Know about Whole Home Generator Maintenance after Installation?

Once you choose to work with PSI for your generator maintenance needs, you can learn some vital home maintenance tips. Some of the crucial things you might discover to warrant your home generator’s safety and smooth operation include:

  1. You need a generator garage or a cover

Usually, electricity is predisposed to water, and even the tiny drops of rainfall can damage a part of the generator, which may cost you a lot. You should consider building a garage that will protect the machine. You can also invest in a cover- this will depend on whether you have installed a portable or standby generator model.

  1. Keep off possible motor burn-out

    You need to ensure that you utilize the heavy-duty electrical cords with lower voltage use to stop untimely burn-out. Remember that the lighter cables usually raise the voltage. Generators are naturally noisy; hence you can choose to invest in a longer cord to lower the level of interruptions, especially at night when you are asleep.

  2. Charge up your generator every three months

Professionals will recommend that you run your generator for around 30 minutes every three months. It helps to charge up the electric starter’s battery. You shouldn’t wait for the sudden red flag alert that indicates your electric starter may be faulty. You should also avoid waiting only when you need the generator’s service to realize any potential issue.

  1. Fill up your tank

Always fill up your tank. Remember that; whenever your generator runs short of gas, it will halt power as the electrical load in your home sucks the magnetic field directly from the generator.

  1. Retain enough oil and filters.

Ensure you maintain an adequate supply of both oil and filters. This will help you avoid inconveniences during extended power outages. This is when you might be forced to run up and down looking for oil or a filter.

Please note that if your generator is already experiencing some faults or showing signs of breakdown, you shouldn’t be troubled. Once you are linked to reliable generators and electric repair service contractors like PSI, you can be sure that your machine will be handled competently. Afterward, we will advise you to consider the routine generator maintenance in your residence to keep the engine operating efficiently and avoid inconveniencing moments.

We would also advocate that you try not to fix the machine alone. Such repair and maintenance work needs skillful training and the necessary knowledge concerning generators. Without involving professionals, you can end up damaging the system. The lack of familiarity with how the machine operates could make you fail to observe every safety precaution. Hence, by operating the generator alone, you may be putting your life and that of others around at risk.

PSI Experts Offer Quality and Efficient Maintenance Services for Smooth Generator Operation

When you fail to prioritize your generator’s routine maintenance, you may end up experiencing an extended case of a blackout. Such scenarios can inconvenience you and the people within your home. Can you imagine stumbling around in the dark? Or failing to finish some urgent work on your computer? What about all the food types stored in the refrigerator or freezer going bad?

It can be so heartbreaking to lose all those essential storages. Instead of waiting for the worst to happen when the power goes out, why not consider the routine maintenance of your valuable investment? Think about how heart-wrenching it can be to experience all the inconveniences that may present due to a malfunctioning generator in your home.

For your generator to perform faultlessly, you need to ensure that you still engage the experts. You need them after installation for purposes of high-quality maintenance work on a routine basis. Do not allow power outage issues to impede the daily activities that require power usage, and cause inconveniences to you, family members, or business agendas.

Perhaps you feel that there might be some faults with your generator, or maybe it has been a while since you had an expert come in for an inspection. This is the right time to call PSI today for generator maintenance work in your residence. Remember that a well-maintained generator will always serve you best and keep you off every nuisance of power outages.

For over three decades, we have faithfully served a wide range of clients. Contact us through our website, and get to experience the value of a professionally maintained generator.

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