What To Expect During A Home Generator Installation In Mclean, Va

Looking to install a new home generator for your home in McLean, VA? Unfortunately, a home generator installation isn’t as simple as plugging it in, and it starts running. Most McLean, VA homeowners who are trying to save money and who are leery of anything electrical will try to get their electrician buddy or hire a professional home generator installation team such as the ones at Pullin Electric.

Home Generator Installation Expectations

  • Obtain Necessary Permits—Check with your local municipality to see if you need a permit for a home generator installation at your home in McLean, VA. Normally when you hire a professional installer, they will secure any permits you will need.
  • Selecting a Location—Local ordinances need to be obeyed which is why hiring a professional for your home generator installation is preferred. The professionals such as PSI will find a safe location that will not pose a threat of carbon monoxide to your family members or neighbors and one that is cost effective by installing close to your gas meter to increase the fuel efficiency and quite possibly reduce the home generator installation costs. Usually, the generator is placed beside your air conditioner unit at your McLean, VA home.
  • Preparing the Surface—If your air conditioner unit is sitting on a concrete pad, normally another will be placed beside it for your home generator.
  • Gas Hookup—Your McLean, VA local gas company should come out and make the necessary hookups for your home generator.
  • Transfer Switch—Once the generator has been placed outside your home a transfer switch will need to be connected to your home’s electrical system by a qualified and licensed electrician. When your power goes out at your McLean, VA home, the transfer switch automatically senses the disruption in the power and signals the generator to turn on which transfers the power from the utility to the generator until your electrical power returns. Once the utility power has been restored, the transfer switch senses this and shuts down the generator and resumes monitoring until the next outage.
  • Electrical Connections to the Home Generator—After the gas has been hooked up to the generator and the transfer switch has been installed all necessary electrical connections are made to the generator. This should be done by professionals such as Power Systems Integration.

Power Systems Integration, Inc. offers a free, no-obligation assessment at your McLean, VA home at which time you can discuss all your options for a home generator installation.

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