Why Backup Generator Maintenance In Great Falls, VA Is Necessary

Investing in Backup Generator Maintenance in Great Falls, VA Makes Sense

A backup generator is one of the best investments you can make for your business in Great Falls, VA. Having enough power to keep your Great Falls, VA business up and running during a power outage is essential to continue to profit from your business. A few days of being shut down can cost a business lost revenue and employees, lost wages.

It is extremely necessary for periodic backup generator maintenance so that when you need it, it will start up and provide your business in Great Falls, VA the power it needs to continue your company’s daily operations. Installing a backup generator is an expensive investment, so investing in backup generator maintenance just makes good sense.

Setting up a schedule for backup generator maintenance is as simple as calling the team at Power Systems Integration, In. Depending on its use will determine how often you should have it serviced. With that said, if you have just recently installed a backup generator for your Great Falls, VA business, even if you have never experienced a time yet that you have used your generator, it still requires a minimum amount of maintenance.

Your backup generator maintenance schedule for your business in Great Falls, VA should include–

  • Once a week, run the generator to ensure it is operating properly and check to see that there are not any fluid leaks.
  • Once a month, check fluid levels while the engine is cool and make sure the areas around your backup generator are clear of debris. Check the battery charger as well.
  • Once every six months, inspect the enclosure, inspect the belts, lines, hoses and connectors, exhaust system and air filter. Test the battery.
  • Once a year, check the electrical connections flush the cooling system, change the oil and filter, change fuel and air filter, and perform load bank testing and fuel reconditioning if needed. Change spark plugs.

It is recommended that every six months you should have backup generator maintenance by an authorized independent service dealer in Great Falls, VA such as PSI, Inc. The owner’s manual that came with your generator unit will have a routine backup generator maintenance procedures and schedules that you should follow to get the best performance from your generator.

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