Why Install Propane Standby Generators in McLean, VA

When a catastrophe strikes, you want to be ready. It’s important to plan ahead and be prepared when a power outage strikes your home in McLean, VA. If you have ever been left in the dark when your electricity goes out for long periods, you may wish to look into purchasing a propane standby generator.

Keeping your family warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months, cooking meals, and having a way to keep your food from spoiling could be critical to family members in McLean, VA. Often, people depend on medical equipment for life support, and without a propane standby generator to back up your electrical system, it could be detrimental.

Most generators run off of liquid gas or liquid propane. A standby generator powered by liquid propane offers advantages that ones with other fuel sources do not provide.

When you install a propane standby generator for your McLean, VA home, it is permanently installed and supplied by propane that is stored in a big tank outside your home. Your generator will start within seconds of losing electrical power.

Unlike gas that may be hard to find if the gas stations have lost electricity and the pumps can’t run, propane is available at all times, unless, of course, you forgot to fill your tank. Most propane delivery is set up automatically, so it is constantly being refilled by your propane delivery company. Propane fuel has an eternal shelf life, whereas gas starts to degrade after a few months.

Investing in a propane standby generator serves as a reliable source that will keep your power running and your McLean, VA home functioning during power outages. Once you install a generator at your McLean, VA home, you will no longer have to worry about feeding your family, keeping them comfortable, safe, and entertained during power outages.

Protect your family by calling Power and Systems Integration for a free in–home assessment for a propane standby generator. A professional will come to your home, discuss your family’s backup power needs, and then recommend the best propane standby generator that will best meet your particular needs in McLean, VA.

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