Winterizing Residential Generators in Leesburg VA

Do you always consider wintering your residential generators in Leesburg, VA, anytime when winter season sets in? If not, then this might be the reason why your generator may keep malfunctioning. In short, winterizing your generator is crucial.

That’s why at Power and Systems Integration (PSI), we always inform our clients how important it is to protect their machinery during winter. The generator is part of the machinery. When you don’t maintain your generator as recommended, the machine is highly prone to damage. Thus, you may end up incurring a lot of costs with repair and maintenance. Yet, if you could have just followed the recommended steps, you might have saved yourself from unnecessary expenses.

What Do You Do When Winterizing Your Residential Generators in Leesburg, VA?

Change the Oil
A frequent oil change is a crucial part of generator servicing. However, it’s more critical before the equipment’s long-term storage. Oil change eradicates moisture and oxidization. This helps prevent extreme wear that can cause power loss and engine failure.

Drain the Water
Draining any water remains from the machine can protect it against water freezing in the available compartments. Whenever water freezes inside, it can cause the cracking of the units and lead to serious damage. If unsure of what to do, you can always consult professionals like the PSI.

Drain the Remaining Fuel or Include a Fuel Stabilizer
An engine-powered machine that should be stored for a long period will need some fuel maintenance. Try to drain the fuel remains.

Coat the Engine Cylinders
For every engine-powered item, including the generator, you need to coat the inner side of the engine using an aerosol fogging solution. It helps to safeguard the equipment from corrosion throughout.

Store the Generator
The last step for winterizing your residential generators in Leesburg, VA, is to ensure you store the equipment securely. Remember that you should never keep engine-powered machines close to the heat. It can be worse if the heat still contains some fuel. Thus, you should store it far away and secure it with a cover. Don’t forget to follow your manual and the professional recommendations concerning your generator.

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Following the steps above will help you safeguard your home generator from severe damage. It’s crucial to maintain the machine in excellent condition. The generator will always be ready to operate efficiently in all weather. Remember that you can consult professionals at any time for further guidance concerning your generator.

At Power and Systems Integration (PSI), we are the leader in reselling, installing, and maintaining generators of a wide range and smart home automation goods. We liaise with global industry leaders like Generac, Savant, Lutron, Kohler, and Axis.

We’re available to help you and ensure you are satisfied with your generator’s service in all seasons.

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