Winterizing Residential Generators in McLean VA

Can you imagine a situation where you have a standby generator that hasn’t been winterized and has damages sustained from the cold? In such a case, when you find yourself amidst a power outage, the generator will hardly serve you as you expected. This is when you may stay in darkness for extensive period. More so, your food storage in the fridge is likely to go bad if the power goes off for a long period. In short, such a scenario can cause you a lot of inconveniences.

Therefore, to ensure that you stay away from these avoidable frustrations, you must consider winterizing your residential generators in McLean, VA. Usually, the generator is appropriately winterized to get you set for any emergency that may arise.

To winterize your generator, you need to ensure that any ground area within 5 feet of the generator is free from snow. Most importantly, you must guarantee that no snow catches the generator itself. The equipment’s damage is almost obvious whenever the wet snow gets into the generator.

You also need to check the battery. If it’s running very low, it can hardly hold a charge whenever you recharge it. Thus, whenever the battery is too low, replace it. You can use a cold-weather kit to help prevent your battery from draining because of the cold weather. Usually, the cold weather kit will contain a battery warmer positioned beneath the battery. The warmer turns on anytime the temperature go down below 40 degrees.

Besides, you can use an engine block heater to enable your generator to handle the cold and still run smoothly. Thus, the engine block heater will heat the engine oil to the optimum temperature for appropriate starting. A heating coolant, often an electrical heater, can help sustain the coolant temperature, which helps accelerate the machine when starting up. Just ensure you consult the experts like Power and Systems Integration (PSI) before you use any heating device. That way, you ensure that the device complies with your generator.

Consult PSI About Winterizing Your Residential Generators in McLean VA

Never underrate the destruction that cold weather can do to your generator. Always stay prepared for the worst. This will make you do everything you can in preparation for the season, including having your generator winterized properly. Anytime the equipment is winterized, you can add to the engine’s lifespan.

Whenever you wish to winterize your portable or standby generator, always seek the experts’ guidance. This will ensure that you don’t do anything that may damage the equipment.

If you have any concerns about winterizing your residential generators in McLean, VA, you can contact our specialists. They will be glad to solve your problem and ease your mind. Start by filling in your details on our website.

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